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Ordinary Meetings

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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Ordinary Meetings - On the spot and on the day of arrangement 

  1. Telephone inquiry offered by Reception Room+886-7-7920586 # 294 
  1. Time for Visit Registration Services
Weekdays 09:00~11:00 14:00~16:00
First Sunday of the month 09:00~11:00 14:00~16:00

*A public notice will be published if there is an extension of the visiting hours.* 

  1. Numbers for Services+886-7-7920586 # 294 
  1. Visitors and permitted meeting frequencies

Permitted frequency of meeting for various categories of inmates:

Category 4 or without a category Permitted to meet their relatives once a week.
Category 3 Once or twice a week.
Category 2 Once every 3 days.
Category 1 No restriction.

*Inmates in Categories 3, 2, 1 are permitted to meet non-relatives in so far as these meetings are morally harmless. 


(1) Reach the reception room according to map.

(2) Pick up a number and wait for the turn.

(3) Go to designated window with ID and No. card to wait.

(4) Enter the meeting room upon notice.

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