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Future perspectives

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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Prison Front view

  The Kaohsiung Women’s Prison is the original and premier professional women correctional organization in Taiwan. It continues to maintain this position after all these years, because of the untiring and unremitting leadership from the Ministry of Justice, as well as the efforts of all of its colleagues. We have achieved splendid results in the Culprits Progressive System and the Drug Abuse Progressive Program. The facilities and management are also gaining ground by leaps and bounds. Nonetheless as the results and achievements quoted previously indicate, we still fall short of expectations. Correctional efforts and drug abuse tasks are not only miscellaneous and multifarious but also hard to tackle. Therefore, we will not be complacent and self-satisfied with current accomplishments. Hereafter, we will continue to maintain what had already been achieved, and give further impetus to set implement the policies of the Ministry of Justice. We are forging ahead toward a goal of improving ourselves as a professional correctional organization, and hope to stride forward to create a more ideal situation for criminal correction and drug abstention and treatment. In order to realize that goal, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are always delighted to embrace all suggestions and opinions.

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