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Apply for Visiting of Kaohsiung Women’s Prison

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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    In order to promote the transparency of the prison, also let the public and society groups know the results of the education and training of the prisoners, and assist the people who have academic research needs or having legitimate reasons to visit the prisons, they must apply according to the No.6 rule of the Enforcement Rules of Law of Execution in Prison. To apply, fill in the application form of the Kaohsiung Women's Prison first.Those who have approved to visit must comply with the relevant regulations and finally can visit the prison.
1. In order to avoid the safety problems, visitors should first put their belongings in the safe deposit box and accept the safety check of the guards.
2. Visitors should take care to avoid infringement of the privacy of the inmates.
Contact unit:Edification and Education Section
Phone mumber:(+886)-7-7923381

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