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1.Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

no. Office Web address
1 Office of President http://english.president.gov.tw/
2 The Executive Yuan http://english.ey.gov.tw/
3 The Judicial Yuan http://www.judicial.gov.tw/en/
4 The Examination Yuan https://www.exam.gov.tw/en/
5 The Control Yuan http://www.cy.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=21
6 The Legislative Yuan http://www.ly.gov.tw/en/innerIndex.action
7 Ministry of The Interior http://www.moi.gov.tw/english/index.asp
8 Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.mofa.gov.tw/en/default.html
9 Ministry of National Defense http://www.mnd.gov.tw/English/default.aspx
10 Ministry of Finance https://www.mof.gov.tw/Eng
11 Ministry of Justice https://www.moj.gov.tw/2832/
12 Ministry of Economic Affairs http://www.moea.gov.tw/MNS/english/home/English.aspx
13 Ministry of Transportation Communications https://www.motc.gov.tw/en/index
14 Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission http://www.ocac.gov.tw/OCAC/Eng/Default.aspx
15 Ministry of Health and Welfare https://www.mohw.gov.tw/mp-2.html
16 Environmental Protection Administration https://www.moenv.gov.tw/en/
17 Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan http://www.cga.gov.tw/GipOpen/wSite/mp?mp=eng
18 National Palace Museum https://www.npm.gov.tw/index.aspx?l=2
19 Mainland Affairs Council http://www.mac.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=3
20 National Development Council https://www.ndc.gov.tw/en/
21 Veterans Affairs Commission https://www.vac.gov.tw/mp-2.html
22 National Science and Technology Council https://www.nstc.gov.tw/?l=en
23 Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan https://eng.moa.gov.tw/
24 Ministry of Culture https://www.moc.gov.tw/en/
25 Ministry of Labor http://english.mol.gov.tw/
26 Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan https://www.pcc.gov.tw/en/
27 Council of Indigenous Peoples https://www.cip.gov.tw/en/index.html
28 Sports Administration, Ministry of Education https://www.sa.gov.tw/English/index?n=50
29 Council for Hakka Affairs http://www.hakka.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=11
30 Financial Supervisory Commission http://www.fsc.gov.tw/en/index.jsp
31 Directorate-General of Personnel Administration https://www.dgpa.gov.tw/en/index?mid=138
32 Central Bank of the Republic of China http://www.cbc.gov.tw/mp2.html
33 Atomic Energy Council http://www.aec.gov.tw/english/
34 Central Election Commission https://web.cec.gov.tw/english
35 Consumer Protection Committee, Executive Yuan https://cpc.ey.gov.tw/en/
36 Aviation Safety Council https://www.ttsb.gov.tw/english/

2.Local Activities in Kaohsiung

no. Office Web address
1 kaohsiung City Government http://www.kcg.gov.tw/EN/Default.aspx
2 Taiwan Railways Administration https://tip.railway.gov.tw/tra-tip-web/tip?lang=EN_US


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