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Meetings Appointment via Telephone

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  • Last updated:2024-06-25
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(1)    Telephone appointment should be done one day (opening day) before the meeting.

(2)    Time for Telephone Appointment ServicesWeekdays 09:00~11:00/ 14:00~16:00

(3)    Conditions:

  1. The inmate’s spouse, lineal consanguinity, collateral relatives by blood within the third-rank relative, and in-laws within the 2nd-rank relative.
  2. Should at least finished one ordinary Meeting first

(4)    Telephone Appointment were divided into 8 sections. Up to 3 persons for each section.

       0910      0950    1030    1110

       1410      1450    1530    1610

(5)    Please arrive the designated window with ID card or passport 30 minutes before the meeting start.

(6)    Cancellation of appointmentIf a family member of an inmate cannot afford to make the appointment on the day or the allotted time, he/she should cancel the appointment one day before the appointment. (In case of a weekend or holiday, should cancel the appointment one day before the weekend or holiday)

(7)    Children under 12 years old are not counting into visitor numbers.


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