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White Paper on Serving People

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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  1. Preface :
    Prisons are often thought of as ‘hell-like places.’ Such a stereotype hardly changes in the public’s mind, even towards modern prisons. Kaohsiung Women's Prison provides and maintains security. We provide considerate, patient, and benevolent services to take care of our inmates. Moreover, we are actively i making use of social and private resources to educate inmates. They learn how to be good people and adjust themselves again to a normal social life. We keep the spirit of 'public service.' We sincerely offer services to the families of our inmates, and to the community and make contributions to our society. We will increase our efficient and helpful services, constantly looking for innovations to enhance equipment / facilities, to make the environment more beautiful, to care about the community and to offer the best service to the public. Hopefully, we can change people's stereotypic images of prisons, thus gaining more support and encouragement.

  2. Major businesses :
    1. Correction : We arrange education, skill training, art and cultural cultivation, legal education, religious education, drug quitting and medical care, etc. for the improvement of inmates. Inmates have chances to change their bad personalities or habits. Meanwhile, they could learn a living skill and become good citizens who live by the rule of law. They can develop positive attitudes towards their lives and adjust themselves and become good law-abiding citizens.
    2. Public service operation : Handling all matters related to inmates; the service is offered to the families or relatives of inmates. The staff at our prison like to serve. All kinds of service for the family or relatives of inmates are helpful and efficient. We offer a sincere and convenient service and hope the family or relatives of inmates can appreciate our efforts. Furthermore, they can cooperate with us to encourage inmates to get better and avoid mistakes.
  3. Principles of public service :
    1. Principle of a cautious attitude : Our prison keeps the principle of a cautious attitude: no matter what the case is, we settle it with suitable, serious, active and optimistic attitudes. We will help solve problems, having the same understanding as the person immediately concerned.
    2. Principle of professionalism : We require staff in charge to show professionalism, including knowledge on how to apply relevant systems, and regulations. Thus, they can answer the questions of the person immediately concerned. They serve efficiently so that the person can immediately get correct and satisfactory answers within the shortest period of time.
    3. Principle of mutual communication : Our attitude is sincerely to offer services to the public. We abide by regulations and laws. We are friendly and helpful in order to help the person immediately concerned achieve reasonable requirements. If the requirements were not legal, we would explain and reject the case with reasons.
    4. Principle of empathy : We would understand the person immediately concerned and deal with his or her questions and complaints in detail. We would listen to the stories of injustice inflicting the person immediately concerned. If he or she misunderstands the law, we would patiently explain it.
  4. Aims of public service :
    1. Achieving an automated service, upgrading computer systems and equipment, filing inmates' records and deposits, etc., keeping sound information and coherent operations, offering a regularly updated and efficient service.
    2. Listening to the public's opinions, managing innovative service or policies, combining social resources to offer better and better services.
    3. Setting up an opinion mailbox for getting more suggestions, advice, opinions; looking into creative ideas and complaint cases coming from the people.
    4. Establishing a website for Kaohsiung Women's Prison; announcing purchases, personnel information, statistical information, educational activities, holidays, messages and online services, applications, procedures, etc., providing instant and correct information.
    5. Improving services, enhancing professionalism of the staff here, phone service and training for good service.
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