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Daytime Kindergarten Program for Carrying Children in Correctional Institutions

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  • Last updated:2023-11-07
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    Since the inauguration of the Minister Tsai, Ching-hsiang, he has attached great importance to the family support of the inmates and assisted the family so that the inmates can feel the effect of education. The placement of young children with their mothers is also an important part of the policy of the preceding paragraph. In addition to meeting the basic needs of their children, including clothing, food and shelter, and on-time prevention vaccines and quarterly health checks, the protection of children's health rights is strengthened. Up to 70% inmates had violated the Drug Prevention and Control Act, and the children of these parents are often at high risk. Assisting the inmates to become appropriate caregivers is not only helpful, but also changes their lives and makes their children have a better future.
    After all, the Correctional Institutions are not a child-friendly environment. All the children's affairs in the third paragraph of the Convention on the Rights of the Child should be based on the best interests of the children. Minister Tsai had instructed the Agency of Corrections to actively plan the " Daytime Kindergarten Program for Carrying Children over 2 years old in Correctional Institutions ", so that three women's prisons in Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung can give a gift for children.
    A total of 8 children will be sent into the daytime kindergarten and accept the same education as ordinary children, guiding their life routines, learning skills, and providing all kinds of physical and mental development. Through this program, not only ensuring the right of learning, but also facilitate the return to the family, showing the government's attention to the care of children.
    Since 2017, Agency of Corrections and CTBC Anti-Drug Educational Foundation have jointly promoted the "Strengthening Caring for Carrying Children in Correctional Institutions ". The Foundation donated more than 3.79 million yuan to provide Correctional Institutions to recruit nurses, increase the number of parent education and early childhood development courses, as well as improve the facilities of the child care room.
    In 2019, the Foundation will donate more than 4.67 million yuan, in addition to continuing to handle the above-mentioned care programs, and provide three women's prisons in Taoyuan, Taichung and Kaohsiung to employ full-time childcare staff, build outdoor rides, educate mothers care skills, and provide more space for children.
    The Ministry of Justice based on the world trend of safeguarding the best interests of children, encouraging Correctional Institutions to strengthen the treatments and education for the inmates and their children. Daytime Kindergarten Program is the first example of the Correctional Institutions and write a new page for the history of correction.

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