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The new policy of the Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice Successful cases of self-monitoring going work at daytime and Long-term care policies

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  • Last updated:2019-08-25
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        Corrective treatment is a phased intervention, from imprisonment, take a break, collect thoughts, to rehabilitation, and gradually adapt to social life. In view of the fact that the prisoners are in the routine life and isolated from the social environment for a long time, the prisoners cannot adapt to social life after being released and are very easy to commit crime again.

        In order to strengthen the intermediate situation, the Agency of Corrections started the "self-monitoring going work at day time " in June 2006, allowing the prisoners to return to the society gradually under the semi-restriction without guardian supervising, and encourage the prisoners to stay in the original manufacturers, looking forward to help them back to work, and successfully return to the society.

        In response to the trend of aging and declining children numbers in Taiwan, the problems of elderly care have gradually emerged. The Agency of Corrections has actively promoted the establishment of a caregiver class and fostered nursing service caregiver, matching the government's long-term care policy. This policy is to achieve "integration of training and use" in the end. In addition to assisting prisoners back to work, they can also help to provide the needs of social care service in the future.

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