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Scientific Evidence of Drug Convicts’ Treatment Project of Kaohsiung Women’s Prison

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  • Last updated:2023-11-07
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        According to the "New Generation Anti-Drug Action Plan" from the Executive Yuan, Kaohsiung Women’s Prison promotes the " Scientific Evidence of Drug Convicts’ Treatment Project" and provides seven major courses for drug abusers, including: (1)Addiction concept and addiction strategies, (2)Family and interpersonal relationships, (3)Career development and financial management, (4)Drug hazards and legal responsibilities, (5)Health education and AIDS prevention, (6)Correct medicine-taking concepts and medical treatment counseling, and (7)Successful drug rehabilitation.
        Through holistic education, we assist drug abusers to quit addiction and return to their families and society. Before the prisoners are discharged from the prison, the professionals from the Drug Hazard Prevention Center, the Rehabilitation Protection Association, and the Employment Counseling Center will also give the counseling in advance, so that prisoners can be familiar with the use of various social resources and continue the rehabilitation after discharge. Finally, rehabilitate and achieve the goal of lifelong free from drug.

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