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Taiwan FDA greenlights Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 6-11

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  • Last updated:2022-06-21
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The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine was approved for children aged 6-11 by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health and Welfare April 17, highlighting government’s commitment to safeguard health for the younger generation.
A total of two doses will be administered, with each containing 0.25 milliliter, or half of the adult dose, the FDA said. Each dose will be given at least 28 days apart, it added.
According to the FDA, Phase 2 and 3 clinical trial data showed that neutralizing antibodies and immunogenicity induced by the vaccine in children aged 6-11 were at similar levels to those seen in young people aged 18-25 or in adult groups.
Children were slightly more likely to have a post-vaccination fever, but otherwise experienced mild and temporary side effects at similar rates to adults, the FDA said.
The administration will continue monitoring domestic and international safety warnings related to COVID-19 vaccinations while analyzing immunization reports to safeguard people’s health, the FDA said.
In related news, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced two days ago that starting at midnight on April 18, arrivals from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.S. will undergo a saliva test after landing in Taiwan.
The CECC said that positive test rates for passengers from these countries have remained low recently, related to their slowing pandemic levels, but added that quarantine after entry is still required. (YCH-E).

(Ref. Taiwan Today https://taiwantoday.tw)

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