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Video Visitation

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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  1. Purpose: In order to facilitate long-range family members to go though interview and avoid traffic problems, this Center operates the “Long-Range Interview” business; the inmate’s family members could interview the inmate via the video equipment of correction agency near their residences to reduce the time and expense of traveling.
  2. Applicable people:
  3. The inmate’s spouse, lineal consanguinity, collateral relatives by blood within the third-rank relative, and in-laws within the 2nd-rank relative.
  4. Two persons of each interview are limited.
  5. Time and frequency of interview:
  6. Monday to Friday at 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. of working days. It’s divided into five periods.
  7. Once every week, 30 minutes every time.
  8. Application methods:
  9. Fill out the Long-Range Interview Application: Go to the interview room of this Center or nearby correction agency to ask for the application, or visit the website of Ministry of Justice to download and fill out the same.
  10. Submit the ID documents: Photocopy of ID Card, of Household Book, or Household Certificate.
  11. Application by mail or fax: After preparing the mentioned information, send them by registered mail for fax to this Center.
  12. Wait for notice: This Center will give a call to the family members the results of examination.
  13. Bring documents to nearby correction agency to carry out the Long-Range Interview: The applicant brings ID documents to nearby correction agency according to the notified date and time to fill out Long-Range Interview Registration, and after passing the examination of identification then could interview the inmate of this Center.
  14. Inquiry methods:

Tel No.: (07) 7920586#294

Fax No.: (07) 7925401

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