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Origin Of Establishment

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  • Last updated:2023-01-19
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  Kaohsiung Women's Prison ,Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice is the first independently and separately established professional prison for women. It was founded on Dec.7th, 1995. The establishment of this prison not only manifests the concept of legitimately implementing sexual equality and providing female inmates better treatment and surroundings, but is also a significant symbol of the modernization of prisonmanagement and governance in Taiwan. In order to efficaciously and productively assist female drug users in refraining from drug addiction, the Kaohsiung Women’s Prison and Drug Abuser Treatment Center was founded with mutual operation orders under the Ministry of Justice.

    The officially appraised maximum capacity for criminal culprits is 1267.

    The maximum capacity to drug abuser treatment center is 400. The mission of accepting inmates is, in principle, mainly for women culprits.

   However, we also accept those who are sentenced for reformatory treatment. Since this prison is comprehensive a women's prison, those whom we have accepted range from those who commit misdemeanors to those who dommit felonries.

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